Shortlist announced for this year’s Angus Book Award

Pupils will vote in May for their favourite title.
Pupils will vote in May for their favourite title.

Local secondary school pupils will soon be immersed in this year’s Angus Book Award, the shortlist for which has now been revealed.

The annual event, which began in 1996, aims to promote reading for enjoyment to teenagers across Angus and it gives both committed and less enthusiastic readers the chance to engage with new, rewarding and accessible books by UK authors.

This year’s three shortlisted titles are ‘Heroic’ by Phil Earle (Penguin Books); ‘The Night Sky in My Head’ by Sarah Hammond (Oxford University Press) and ‘The Savages’ by Matt Whyman (Hot Key Books).

During the coming months, participating pupils will have the opportunity to read and take part in discussions around the three titles, before voting for their favourite in a secret ballot in May.

They will also have the chance to apply their own creativity by competing in alternative book jacket and book ‘blurb’ competitions.

The 2014 winner will be announced at an award ceremony which will be held at Monifieth High School on May 20.

This year’s shortlist features novels by two authors new to the Angus Book Award as well as previous shortlisted author Phil Earle.

His book, ‘Heroic’, is a tragic yet hopeful tale of brotherhood and sacrifice that will provide readers with goose bumps, tears and cause them to smile at familiar sibling banter.

Sarah Hammond’s ‘The Night Sky in My Head’ is a novel full of light and dark, magic and truth which will stay with readers long after they have read the last page.

The final title, ‘The Savages’, by Matt Whyman‒is a darkly witty and mouth-watering tale of the ultimate taboo which will leave readers giggling and disgusted at the same time.

Copies of the books are in all schools for participating pupils and at local public libraries for other interested teenagers and their parents.