Sex offender jailed for nine years

A FORFAR sex offender who preyed on prostitutes was jailed for nine years on Monday.

Mechanic Kenneth Jolly (54) will be under supervision for a further three years after his release and his name has been put on the Sex Offenders’ Register.

Jolly picked up young women on the streets of Dundee and took them to a caravan on the outskirts of the city where he subjected them to degrading sex attacks. After a jury trial last year, he was convicted of raping one woman and indecently assaulting three others.

At the High Court in Livingston, Judge Lord Boyd said Jolly’s victims were vulnerable women and praised them for coming forward to give evidence. Jailing Jolly, he said the gravity of the offences meant each one on its own would have merited a trial in the High Court.

The judge told him: “You appear to consider that all you were guilty of was going with prostitutes. You state that they got what they wanted, but anybody who listened to their evidence would realise that was far from true.

“It’s apparent you thought you could pay for sex and do with them what you wished. These women didn’t consent to that behaviour but you persisted, despite that being clear to you. The fact that the victims were prostitutes makes no difference.”

Frances Connor, defending, revealed Jolly had lost everything as a result of his crimes.

She said: “He had a nice house, a good job and a loving family. He recognises that by his actions he’s destroyed all of that, and that’s something he has to live with.”