Seeking relatives

A CANADIAN woman is seeking help to find information on her Forfar cousins.

Alison Miller (nee Watt) moved from Dundee to Canada with her family when she was around nine or 10 years old. She said: “When I was eight my dad, George Watt, died and my mum remarried a few years later.

“After my dad’s death, his mother, his brother and sister had nothing more to do with us despite my mum’s attempts after we moved to Canada to keep her up to date on how we were doing.

Alison continued: “I am now married and have twin eight-year-old boys and more than ever I would love to track my dad’s family down as they came from Forfar.

“I know my uncle was Lewis Watt and his children are Patricia and Louise Watt. I had an auntie also named Catherine but not sure of her married name I believe it started with P. I know I have cousins out there that I would dearly love to make contact with.”

If you have any information please contact us at and we will forward your details to Alison.