Secret statue made of books

BEAUTIFUL: Steven Ryan travelled all the way from Edinburgh to hunt for the sculpture.'
BEAUTIFUL: Steven Ryan travelled all the way from Edinburgh to hunt for the sculpture.'

A MYSTERY Edinburgh-based sculptor has created sculptures out of books.

Five special book sculptures, all inspired by classic Scottish stories, have been created by an anonymous Edinburgh artist and were hidden in five secret locations throughout Scotland which included J.M. Barrie’s birthplace in Kirremuir.

From Monday, November 26, until Friday, November 30, treasure hunters across the country tracked down a new sculpture every day by following clues released online.

The new sculptures will be displayed in their finding place for everyone to enjoy.

The artist’s work was first discovered in March, 2011, when she left an intricate paper ‘Poetree’ sculpture cut from the pages of a book at the Poetry Library. Following this amazing discovery, nine more of these literary gifts were found at various locations across Edinburgh. ‘GiftED – the Edinburgh Book Sculptures on Tour’ has taken all 10 sculptures across Scotland, and they came home to Edinburgh to be on show at The Scottish Poetry Library from November 24 to December 8.

Speaking about the latest chapter in this intriguing mystery, Marc Lambert, the CEO of Scottish Book Trust, said: “Book Week Scotland is an ideal time to celebrate these unique pieces of art, inspired as they are by a love of books, reading, and libraries. We are delighted that the artist has agreed to come out of retirement, if not hiding, to give booklovers across Scotland a chance to own one of these amazing homages to literature.”

The fourth in the series of five book sculptures created by the mystery sculptor to celebrate Book Week Scotland was inspired by J M Barrie’s classic tale, ‘Peter Pan’. The sculpture was found at J.M. Barrie’s birthplace in Kirriemuir.

Stephen Ryan (60) drove all the way from Edinburgh to discover the clue after being drawn in by the online treasure hunt. He said: “I drove up from Edinburgh today with my wife Maureen. I brought her along as a navigator – and to check for speed cameras! I took part as I’m generally interested in books and love puzzles, so the Book Week Scotland Sculpture Treasure Hunt caught my eye when I saw it in the press. I’ve loved taking part in the hunt and I am delighted to have won.”

Each successful treasure hunter won a unique sculpture to keep.