Second visit provides some food for thought

MISSION BRIEF: Investigation leader Derek Green and team member Joan Green talk members through the plan for the evening.'Lisa Bowell
MISSION BRIEF: Investigation leader Derek Green and team member Joan Green talk members through the plan for the evening.'Lisa Bowell

EARLIER this year the Dispatch and Herald welcomed members of the ‘Ghost Club UK’ to investigate paranormal activity at our Castle Street office.

Members recorded a number of unexplainable noises, rappings and bumps in the building and mediums picked up on various spirits that reside within our archive area.

EERIE LIGHT: Investigators at work at the Forfar Dispatch office in Castle Street. 'Lisa Bowell

EERIE LIGHT: Investigators at work at the Forfar Dispatch office in Castle Street. 'Lisa Bowell

After having such an eventful first investigation, members were keen to return during the winter months to see if they could find out more on the evening of Saturday, November 3.

And the evening certainly got off to an interesting start almost as soon as the investigators arrived. Leader Derek Green reported an incidence of one of the toilets in reception flushing by itself a few minutes after arriving.

With a larger group in attendance than in June, members were given a quick overview of the situation but little information was given about actual noted activity so the new mediums were going in with no prior knowledge.

After the briefing, the investigators split into two groups to monitor two downstairs areas - the meeting room, which was a hive of activity last time, and our editorial office which had not yet been investigated.

Almost as soon as group one entered the meeting room, medium Lynn started to pick up on a similar spirit to one she had encountered in June.

Lynn was able to describe him quite vividly as about 5’6” with rotten teeth and a pungent aroma. She also said that he was quite irritated with our presence.

After a few minutes, Lynn started to pick up on some specific grieviences that this man has with staff members. He told her he was sick of seeing a certain pair of boots and a particular style of blouse and he also made reference to a new bag someone had just bought. All of these things ring true and can be attributed to members of staff - but there is no way that Lynn could have known about any of them.

About the time Lynn was picking up on these things there was a drop in room temperature, despite it having risen steadily since the group arrived up until that point.

While standing in the meeting room, two members of the group reported seeing shadows crossing the inner glass windows which look out onto the corridor. The other group were nowhere nearby at this time.

Meanwhile, the other group were picking up some activity in the editorial office. The mediums were all starting to pick up on images of death and water.

One of the women from the investigation group started to feel quite unwell in this room and also reported seeing a mist around the walls.

It was around this time that the main entity of the building was picked up on for the first time that night. One of the mediums who had not visited here previously or knew any history of the building, almost immediately registered that this spirit did not like women and is extremely nasty. For the first time, one of the mediums, Chris, was able to pick up on a name to attach to this man - Alexander - but it was uncertain whether this was a first name or a last name.

Chris was also picking up on some sort of yard that would have been at this location in the past.

For the second vigil the groups swapped places and group one gathered in the editorial office. Lynn was still picking up on the man from earlier but she said he was becoming much fainter, as though he had lost some of his energy the further away from the archive he got.

Here, Lynn again picked up on something she couldn’t possibly have known. She said that the man was aware a member of staff had taken headache tablets after getting a fright from something he had done earlier. In fact, that had happened earlier that same night when a shadowy figure had been seen on the archive stairs.

It was also in the editorial office that the second main spirit of the evening was first witnessed - a young woman in Victorian dress who only came a little way into the room but who would go no further.

The mediums in the group all agreed that they felt she had lost a child.

After the downstairs vigil’s were complete it was time to go upstairs to the archive. A prospect staff members present were not keen on owing to the lack of electricity or light available at the top of the building.

The groups split into two once again with one group concentrating on ‘Room 39’ and the other concentrating on ‘Room 42’ at the other end of the corridor. It is interesting to note that the investigation team all found 39 to be the more interesting of the two rooms while 42 is the room staff are unwilling to even go near.

It was while the groups were upstairs that the most chilling revelation of the evening was revealed. The investigators said that something had definitely happened in Room 42 and that the spirit of a woman still runs screaming from 42 through to 39 - and this is much more common in the winter months.

It was suggested that staff members should listen out for it as screams from outside might not be people messing around on the street - but could actually be coming from inside the building itself.

Investigation leader Derek said that they had picked up on the possibility that someone had hung themselves in Room 42.

In 39, the second group to visit the room picked up on more information about the young woman in Victorian dress. One group member picked up on the name Dorothea but became so unsettled by something the spirit had said to her that she soon left the room completely.

Disconcertingly the mediums in the group were unanimous in saying that they were unable to see ‘Dorothea’s’ face. Where the features would normally be there was only blank space.

They also said that she was extremely scared of the man associated with the name ‘Alexander’.

Alexander also made himself present in Room 39 but was very evasive and dismissive of the group and all that they said to him. However, he did claim that he wants everyone out of the building completely. It came to light that earlier in the evening he claimed responsibility for a number of electrical problems in the building as he was trying to drive staff away.

Again, mediums would not be aware of the types of electrical problems which have been present in the offices.

The official investigation report should be ready early in the New Year where it is hoped more answers will be found when all group members notes are collated.

In the meantime we are looking for help to gather information from our side about more of the history of this building and the area. While the building itself was built in 1899 we are unsure what was here before. We are also led to believe that the back area where the archives are kept was not always part of the original Post Office building.

Do you know what was here before or have you heard any stories or legends about any of the spirits the mediums have picked up on? If so please contact us at

You can also send us a message via our Facebook pages at and