School holidays

On our Facebook page this week we asked you, with the October holidays due to begin, do you think that children are getting too many holidays these days?

We had a mixed response with some saying that schools have too much time off and others who feel that the amount of time off is fair.

Erika Ross said: “I think the kids need all the holidays as they work hard all week and get up early every day, they need time to relax.”

She added: “The Academy is hard work, even more so with dyslexia.”

Jen Falconer agreed, she said: “I don’t think they have too many. The children work hard during term times and they need time to be kids. All too soon they will have to find jobs and no doubt start to moan about the length of time the schools are off!”

Juaad A-s said: “For many younger children, even a 6 week term is a long time, and many need a holiday to recover.

“By the end of a term, especially younger children aren’t as motivated to work, and after a long break with thier families and friends, they are refreshed and ready to work well.

“In-service days and long weekends are great to break up a long term and then the children will work better.

“It isn’t just children who want the holidays. Teachers, cleaners, cooks, janitors, office staff, lollipop men/ladies all deserve a holiday when they work hard all year round to keep the school running, and some of them spend most of the holidays working in the school.

“Maintenance and building work is usualy carried out in the holidays to try to not disrupt the teaching and this can take the whole six weeks.”

On the other hand, Tracy Coull Garden said: “Yes, and there is nothing for them to do. I think they should do away with the October holidays.”

Jackie Mcandrew added: “I feel the six weeks in summer could be reduced, though I do realise it has always been that long.

“I love spending time with my kids but like many others I have to work full time, so six weeks becomes a nightmare for childcare.”