Salvation Army talk

Major Jim McCluskey of the Salvation Army in Forfar was the guest speaker at Forfar Rotary this week and delivered a most informative talk on the start of the movement.

It was amazing to hear about the close connection Angus had in the beginning of this highly respected organisation. The Reverend William Booth from Arbroath is credited with starting the movement and his vision has seen the rise of the Salvation Army to have followers all over the world. This and many other facts of historical interest proved the strong connections with the County of Angus. If any other club or organisation looking for an interesting talk they would be well advised to contact the major.

When it comes to finding lost relatives they are the most successful organisation for reuniting families where contact, for whatever reason, has been lost. Every working day, they reunite 10 people with their families through their Family Tracing Service.

The Salvation Army has a long history of working with people who are vulnerable and marginalised across the world and offer very practical help, unconditional assistance and support regardless of race, religion, gender or sexuality, respecting the identity and choices of all those referred to them.

The club was also shown archive footage of a motorcade undertaken by William Booth at the age of 75 featuring Forfar and Froickheim, and once again illustrating the close connection with the early days of the Salvation Army. Major McCluskey asked the London HQ if they knew where the the film was of and they in turn were delighted to be informed of the location which was until then, unknown to them.

Rotarian Alex Milne proposed the vote of thanks and the meeting was closed by President Mike Cumming.