Saltire Society thrown back in time with dramatised talk

AN EXCELLENT and dramatised talk by a ‘fiesty lady’ about another ‘fiesty lady’ took place at the March meeting of the Kirriemuir Saltire Society which took place in the Kirriemuir Old Parish Church Hall.

Ann Craig spoke about Annie Gilruth, a 19th century resident of Auchmithie, who fought hard for better living conditions.

Ann Craig was dressed as Annie Gilruth in the costume of her day and the Society was carried back to her life and times and her struggles for the education and the betterment of the community.

Ann continued to give the Society a very fascinating insight into the local superstitions of the fisher folk where rabbits had to be referred to as ‘mappies’ and ‘curly-tails replaces the word for pigs.

Weddings in Auchmithie are surrounded by many traditions such as ‘Worst Maid or ‘Worst Man’ in addition to the more usual ‘Best’ version.

Wedding presents consisted of ‘pig,’ allowable in this case as it refers to pottery.

Ann Craig is married to an artist and she has had a very varied and interesting career which involved running a children’s theatre for 17 years, a puppet theatre, hospital broadcasting, studying both philosophy and logic at university, writing and poetry.

Ann is also involved in ‘HAAR’, a heritage arts organisation which re-enacts the past, even the practice of wives carrying their husbands on their backs into the sea in order to deliver them dry-shod to their fishing boats.

Society members were all left longing to hear more as the dramatised talk was incredibly fascinating.

The Saltire Society will meet again on Wednesday, April 10, at the Kirriemuir Old Parish Church Hall 7.30 p.m.

Professor John McManus will be there to speak on the subject of ‘Coals in Fife.’ It will also be the annual general meeting and all are more than welcome to go along.

For more information contact Valerie MacAlister on 01575 540216.