Roland re-elected chairman

IT’S as you were as far as the top positions on Kirriemuir Community Council are concerned.

At the annual general meeting, held last week, Rolan Proctor was re-appointed as chairman, with Jim Ritchie as his vice-chairman.

Kit Finlay has accepted the post of secretary for a ‘limited period’, while the treasurer is Kieran Sherry, with Frances Havenga looking after planning matters.

In his chairman’s report, Roland Proctor thanked all those who have played a role in the continuing work of the community council.

“Thanks must be given to Elliot Clark, who was the longest serving member of the community council, Dennis Robertson, who is now an MSP in Aberdeen, Harry Racionzer, Dave Milne, Charlie Knight and the numerous others who have made a great contribution to the community council over the years,” he commented. “Each, in their own way, contributed a great deal.”

Looking to the future, Mr Proctor explained that the community council had become less reactive and more pro-active in recent years.

“We have run with a few ideas which have come to fruition, such as the memorial plaques in Cumberland Close, while we now have the annual Bon Scott Festival, which was the aspiration of Dave Milne.

“John Howe’s crow culling project was another success and came about through John listening to the community’s concerns about the damage the crows were causing in certain areas of the town. He took action and his initiative helped to solve the problem.

“Kit Finlay, our long-serving secretary, and John Howe, organised a display of flowers in barrels to welcome visitors entering the town from various directions. The flowers will be replanted, annually, to give a welcoming display.

“I represented the council for the Town House 400 celebrations and the Barrie 2010 celebrations, by acting as the chairman of the Kirriemuir Heritage Trust.

“We also commissioned a sign for the Barrie Memorial garden, which, unfortunately, has yet to be erected, although it has been completed and paid for.

“We have given support to the DD8 music group in obtaining the premises the group now occupies in the old gas works offices in Bellies Brae.

“Support has also been given to the Youth Drop-in Centre with individual members getting involved.”

Mr Proctor went on to explain that the community council opposed the proposition of building a supermarket in the Gairie Works site, as members saw the potential road traffic problems that would arise.

“We advised that, if we were to have a supermarket in Kirriemuir, then one of the other two sites would be safer, more suitable and practical.

“The Christmas lights switch-on has now become an annual community project, with both primary schools in the town being involved, along with members of the public, such as Heather Fraser and her puppets, Kirrie Churches Together, Scouts, the Forfar Instrumental Band and local businesses.

“Unfortunately, due to the severe weather conditions, the event had to be cancelled last year at short notice. However, we hope that it will go ahead this year.

“Cathy Stephenson has been unrelenting in her pursuit of a fair deal for the bus travelling public of the town and surrounding areas, most of whom are elderly or do not drive.

“She has also managed to initiate a website for the community council. This is something which we have had as an ambition for a number of years.

“Others on the community council have all played their part in the aforementioned activities and other tasks, and we are now working as a good team.

“We have, in the past, been very reactive in addressing issues as they became known.

“I feel we have become more pro-active over the past few years and have begun initiatives to help residents in the town.

“We do, however, still have to address the issues and concerns of the town which occur and ensure that we have an audit trail to illustrate that we take our role seriously and speak for the people we represent.”