Road safety day planned for Angus

Tayside Police Road Safety Officers are taking road safety education out and about this Friday, August 12.

The interactive road safety event will give members of the public the opportunity to check that their eyesight is up to the necessary standard to drive by reading a number plate from the required distance.

All members of the public who attend will also get the chance to test their reactions on the computerised brake reaction tester which will give a clear reminder of how long it can take a vehicle to stop.

Marian Scott, road safety co-ordinator, said: “The aim of these events is to highlight some of the dangers that face all road users whether pedestrian, cyclist, passenger or driver.

“Although in general terms the statistics are showing a gradual decline in casualty rates, we are continuing to inform and educate everyone of the hazards they may face on a daily basis and offering advice on such things as carrying children in cars and judging speed and distance when crossing roads.

“We hope that people will take this opportunity to come along and become better informed about the risks that arise every day when using our roads.”

Chief Inspector Sandy Bowman, head of the road policing unit, said: “It is in everyone’s interest that people are reminded regularly of the dangers traffic may pose whenever they use the roads.

“Drivers, riders and pedestrian’s skills develop as they gain experience and experience comes with age.

“However, there are occasions when lapses can and do happen, whether that is through inattention, deterioration of eyesight or other reasons.

“Events such as these allow the public access to resources, usually used at closed events, which may give us an indication that they require to think about their own and others safety when they are using the roads.

“It should also be borne in mind that children learn the major part of their road safety attitude and behavior from the adults who care for them, therefore it is important that adults demonstrate safe roadside conduct at all times.”

The event will be held at Dobbies Garden Centre, Monifieth from 10am to 3pm on Friday, August 12.