Riding the ‘Highland Road’ to success

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We all like to name drop now and again, but one Gazette Country band has really taken the biscuit after their debut featured not one, but 21 celebrity cameos!

Craig Weir & The Cabalistic Cavalry’s debut single, folksy tour-de-force ‘Highland Road,’ features the voice talents of a host of big names, including a number from close to home such as actor Alan Cumming, presenter Lorraine Kelly, and The View’s frontman Kyle Falconer.

It has proved not to be just a gimmick however as the track has received glowing reviews the world over, much to the delight of the band.

Craig told the Gazette: “The feedback has been unbelievable and has surpassed what any of us would have thought.

“It was a piece we were very proud of and hoped that it would do well, especially given the people who had contributed to it, but we could not have predicted its success.”

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