Revealed - new name for town centre hostelry

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AFTER weeks of speculation and brain teasing, the new name for the former Tolbooth bar in Forfar has been revealed.

The pub premises at 41 West High Street has been a pub since the 1800’s, and for nearly 100 years held the name of the Reid Park Bar.

More recently it has been known as O’Haras, Baxters and Tolbooth.

But it was a long-established bar serving beers, wines and spirits to the people of Forfar for at least 50 years prior to that.

The premises on Little Causeway and West High Street was called “The Vine” at a time when Scotland’s other national drink wasn’t orange and fizzy but Claret wine, a centuries old habit from the Auld Alliance with France.

So - the new name for the premises is to be - The Vine & Monkey; the upstairs bistro The Vine and downstairs as Monkeys.

Ian Whyte, proprietor explained: “We were looking for something traditional but not dated, suitable for a food-led establishment and with potential humour which would lend itself to good graphics on menus and the like.

“We see it as a blend of old and new, ‘Monkey Vine’ is also a modern term the definition of which is: the act of transitioning from one relationship to another by retaining some form of connection to both simultaneously.

“We didn’t want to be seen as a wine bar but do just happen to have the biggest wine list in town,” continued Ian, who has spent three years as a wine merchant in London.

“So after probably too much thought, that’s what we’re going with.

“Thanks to everyone who has given input and taken part in the process.”

The Vine Bistro opens on Friday, February 11 and the bar is up and running and serving food seven days a week.