Response group seeking members

Members of 4x4 Response provide support for the emergency services.
Members of 4x4 Response provide support for the emergency services.

A voluntary organisation that supports the emergency services during times of crisis is currently seeking new members in the area.

Tayside 4x4 Responders provides voluntary round the clock four-wheel drive support to the emergency and civil authorities as well as other essential services across the region to support communities, particularly during adverse weather or large-scale disasters.

It consists entirely of volunteer 4x4 owners who give their time and use their personal vehicles to give support where needed. Part of the national 4X4 Response Network, the group works primarily across Angus and Perth & Kinross.

Typically Tayside 4x4 Response has been called to help with transporting key medical/NHS/999 staff in icy and snowy conditions on roads where traditional vehicles are no longer a viable option; patient repatriation; meals on wheels delivery; vehicle and ambulance movements in difficult driving conditions and access to remote areas in flooded conditions.

With a history of the Emergency Services calling on 4×4 owners in times of emergency, volunteers across the UK have grouped together for a number of years.

In 1999 4×4 Response was established in Norfolk, and in 2005 national links were developed into a more formal association, resulting in 2006 with the formation of the 4×4 Response Network.

A spokesman for the group said: “During the most challenging times on the roads, logistics are maintained through our own volunteer controller network ensuring that the assistance required is delivered as timely and as safely as possible.

“Our volunteer responders are only deployed after their competency and vehicle preparation is assured.

“Many have first aid training and most importantly are very happy to be helping their local community.

“Tayside 4x4 Response is open to the general public, and anyone may seek to join and volunteer their time as an active responder with their own 4x4, or perhaps as a support member to help with logistics and fund-raising.”

The group is holding an open evening with an invitation extended to anyone interested in joining. A standard 4x4 vehicle is sufficient to join up and modifications are not required.

Non-4x4 owners will also be welcome to take on and develop other tasks including as liaisons and controllers.

The meeting will be held tomorrow (Thursday) at 7.30 p.m. in the Monifieth Community Cabin, Invertay House, 2 Maule Street, Monifieth.

Anyone requiring more information about the organisation or about tomorrow’s meeting can find out more by e-mailing

The group can also be found on Facebook at