Residents unite against plans for wind farm

A graphic image which demonstrates the scale of the proposed turbines.
A graphic image which demonstrates the scale of the proposed turbines.

Concerned residents from the Angus glens have joined together to voice their disapproval of plans for wind farms in their area.

Communities from the Angus and Perth and Kinross borders attended a public meeting on Thursday in Glenisla Village Hall - and they made their feelings known about the “proliferation” of wind farms in the area, and their objections to latest plans for a development at Saddle Hill, Kilry.

Local resident and campaigner Dr Mike Morris, who chaired the meeting, explained it was well attended and the opinion “pretty unanimous”.

Concerns have been growing in the glens about the number of developments, either established or planned, for the area.

They began in 2007 with the construction of the 16-turbine Drumderg windfarm and the four-turbine Welton of Creuchies farm near Alyth will soon follow.

Plans for seven turbine farms at Bamff and Tullymurdoch have been rejected by Perth and Kinross and Angus Councils, but those decisions are being appealed by developers.

Wind Prospect Development recently delivered details of its 14-turbine plan for Saddle Hill, near Kilry, to the local authorities, with a public exhibition due to take place in June.

Other plans have been revealed for up to 18 turbines for Macritch Hill at the Backwater reservoir.

Around 90 residents attended on Thursday to decide how best to take their protests forward and to decide what their views were on the latest development at Saddle Hill.

Dr Morris said: “A show of hands resulted in all bar one opposing the development, with one person undecided.

“Concern was expressed about the number of wind farms developing in the area, and about the effect on tourism, which is a major factor in the economy of the Angus Glens.

“The meeting agreed that the community should actively oppose the development at Saddle Hill and offered its support to the existing organising committee.

“There were many individuals who stated that they would be willing to become actively involved in the campaign to oppose this development.”