Residents’ concern over parking chaos

Traffic chaos in Forfar.
Traffic chaos in Forfar.

Forfar residents have voiced their concerns to the Dispatch this week over standards of parking in the town.

The Dispatch received an email from a disgruntled man after lorries and buses were stuck on Prior Road when a car further along the street had parked without leaving adequate room for larger vehicles to pass.

Articulated trucks were forced to turn around in Mosside Place and other big vehicles had to perform three-point turns.

Police were alerted to the chaos before the car’s driver was located, and it is believed he was at the Whitehills Primary Sports Day with a number of other drivers of “offending” parked cars.

The concerned resident said: “There is a single yellow line outside my house with a sign saying ‘No parking between 8.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.’ Today, the cars simply parked on the other side of the road – where nobody ever parks. Vehicles were having to zig-zag between the cars to get through. Do we need more double yellow lines to prevent idiotic parking?

“When Whitehills Primary was on the drawing board, there was a public meeting at Langlands to air concerns/support etc. I brought up the issue of parking when collecting children and was told that the council ‘experts’ didn’t see it as a problem because kids would walk to school and they foresaw less car journeys. They need to see the problems every afternoon in Prior Road and Station Road. I don’t know what they are like in Fyfe Street and Service Road, but I would think the problems there are just as bad.”

We posted a picture of the chaos to our Facebook page and many of our readers left comments about similar problems throughout the town.

One user said: “In the centre of town buses have a problem getting through with people parking on yellow lines and on no parking bays! It’s really terrible.”

Another posted: “Bring back the traffic wardens.”

One commented: “Parking is a joke at the moment in Forfar.”

And another said: “Make the car parks free for two hours then pay after that. Too many people park all day for nothing and there is nowhere for visitors.”

When contacted, Police Scotland explained that parking was a council issue.

At the time of going to press on Tuesday (yesterday) no-one from Angus Council was available for comment.