Report highlights plans for Kirriemuir’s future

KIRRIEMUIR could be set for more development according to the Main Issues Report for Angus.

The Main Issues Report sets out what the local authority believes are the most important issues for the future development of the county.

In Kirriemuir a number of issues were brought to the attention of the community council by Gordon Piper, development plan manager for Angus Council.

Mr Piper highlighted that Kirriemuir has a number of areas that could be potentially good for housing. South Beechwood or Pathhead to the south of the town and the north of Cortachy Road were specified.

However, Mr Piper said that it was unlikely that the area north of Cortachy would be used as the town already has a natural boundary at that side.

Mr Piper mentioned that the south of the town was much more viable for development as there is a lot of unused land there.

Meanwhile, there is still opportunity within the town itself at the Gairie Works.

Alongside the Pathhead site, the Gairie Works have been earmarked for a supermarket but as yet no interested parties have stepped forward to make use of these areas.

Mr Piper said that at present the future is very uncertain for these sites and it has been noted in the Main Issues Report.

The drainage networks in Kirriemuir have often been cited as a problem area within the town and this was also mentioned within the report.

However, Mr Piper claims that Scottish Water are committed to trying to fix the issue.

Community councillors raised a few points about the report as it stood. One of the main concerns was over whether Kirriemuir really needs more new housing or not.

Some community council members felt that Kirriemuir is losing places of work and were worried that there would be no-one in the town to benefit from new housing. It was mentioned that many people in Kirriemuir already commute and with the rising costs of fuel, housing development in a town the size of Kirriemuir may not be worth it.

The counter argument to this was that public transport links and prices could be rectified.

Mr Piper also said that Angus Council is committed to bringing in affordable housing rather than pricing new buyers out of the market.

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