Reid park gets a good clean up

Reid Park clean up
Reid Park clean up

Dozens of big hearted volunteers from Scottish Hydro pulled on their wellies and got up to their knees in gunge for a much needed tidy up at Reid Park in Forfar.

The local team of Innovation team members, customer service advisors, retail shop assistants and tree cutters spent the day at the council owned park, giving the area some much needed TLC including tree pruning, weeding, clean-up of shrubberies and general sprucing up around the area of Peter Reid’s statue, who donated the park to the Town of Forfar in the 19th Century.

The pond at East Greens Park was also cleared to remove any litter pollution and garden debris before the winter months close in.

The team were able to roll up their sleeves and complete the tidy up as part of the company’s ‘Community at Heart’ Scheme, which gives every member of staff a day away from their normal work duties to do voluntary work for a local organisation or charity.

Eve Milne, one of the volunteers who organised the project said: “I originally contacted the parks department to offer my help in clearing out the pond at East Greens Park as my grandsons love to play there and we noticed it was full of broken bits of tree, litter and general rubbish. We spoke about how it was a shame it was so messy and I told them I would try to clean it up for them.

“When I met with the Council I was surprised to hear that the pond was cleaned out regularly however once I had explained how our Community at Heart project works, I was shown the Reid Park and I realised we could make a difference there as well.

“On the day, we split into groups to focus on specific areas including around Peter Reid’s statue, the flower beds and of course the pond. We were approached by various members of the public who were interested in the work we were carrying out and the feedback we received on the day was very positive.”