Reid Hall

The condition of the Reid Hall has been criticised in recent years.
The condition of the Reid Hall has been criticised in recent years.

The future development of the Reid Hall has been up for consultation in an exercise run by Angus Council which closes tomorrow (Thursday).

Based in the heart of Forfar, the Reid Hall is one of the most notable features in the town and Angus residents are being urged to give their view of the future development of the building.

The required list work, which was formed through discussions with a variety of stakeholders, cannot be fully carried out due to an insufficient budget so the council is seeking the views of residents to assess and agree how this work should be prioritised of works.

The consultation also asks the public to share their views of any other work they think is required to the hall. This will allow a master plan for the Reid Hall to be developed for future years, and the current budget to be directed towards priority areas by improving the facilities to suit the demands of the consultation responses.

The deadline for feedback is July 31.

Built in 1869, the hall was gifted to the town by local confectioner and philanthropist Peter Reid and is still a popular venue for for community and entertainment events, although its general condition came in for criticism latterly, especially by members of Forfar Community Council who wrote to Angus Council asking for an urgent review of the hall’s maintenance.

The proposals that have been put forward cover a long list of issues, from the basement up, that require attention.

On the basement floor these include redecoration of the toilets and dressing rooms with new floor coverings, benches, wardrobes and worktop lighting while it is also proposed to remove the existing demountable stage structure and permanently infill the orchestra pit to create a new storage area.

Suggestions for the ground floor include alterations to the kitchen layout to provide a better food

preparation area using the existing kitchen equipment currently held in storage; in the main hall it is proposed to fit acoustic sound seals on doors between the kitchen and hall.

The plans can be viewed and feedback submitted at