Recycling site plan is a load of rubbish!

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Padanaram does not want Forfar and Kirriemuir’s rubbish “dumped” on its doorstep - so said residents at a recent public meeting.

Around 50 people attended the meeting in the village hall on Friday to discuss proposals put forward by Angus Council that Forfar and Kirrie’s recycling centres close and amalgamate in a new facility located at the west end of the community.

And the unanimous feeling of those present was that they do not want the facility anywhere near Padanaram.

The major concerns raised included a higher volume of traffic going through the village to and from the site, the possible negative effect on property values and the possible increase in vermin.

There were also concerns that the change could lead to an increase in fly-tipping by people unwilling to travel the extra distance.

The meeting followed the posting on the council’s website of details and drawings related to the proposals, which were published in error according to Kirriemuir councillor Iain Gaul.

Cllr Gaul told Kirriemuir Community Council that an application for the scheme, which involves an 8000-square metre site near Dragon Hall Farm, had been lodged by a council officer “by mistake” and that public consultation would still 
take place.

June Smith, one of the organisers of the meeting, this week said that villagers are keen to have their say rather than waiting until it was “a done deal”.

She said: “Everyone who was there was dead against it. The biggest thing really was traffic on the road, which is upsetting everyone although the elderly and children have to cross the road to get the bus and people will be trying to get out of side roads.

“Why should Paddy have Forfar and Kirrie’s rubbish dumped on its doorstep? I’ve spoken to people from Forfar and they’ve said that they wouldn’t come to Paddy and there would be an increase in fly tipping.

“And why all the expense out at Padanaram? Why not spend the money on the sites that are already there, or put it out at Orchardbank?

“This is a residential area and, if this happens, we don’t know what we’ll get next.”

She added that villagers are now seeking representation to put across their views.

Forfar councillor Colin Brown attended Friday’s meeting and said he had listened to the 
opinions expressed.

He said: “I attended the meeting but gave no opinion and formed no opinion. I just felt that I should have been at it to listen to what was 
being said.”