Ready, steady, cook event


The Friends of the East and Old Parish Church held a ‘Ready, steady, cook’ event in the church on Saturday, raising over £300 for church funds.

Approximately 80 members of the audience watched with great interest as Elizabeth McLeod and Susan Forbes went head to head competing to produce an exceptional two-course meal using ingredients of their own choice.

The outcome was of the highest standard and in the vote, using the count of the red tomato and green pepper signs, the outcome was pronounced a draw after both won a single course.

During the cooking process both competitors kept up a running commentary on the preparation and methods used to produce their culinary delights and the Rev. Barbara Ann Sweetin acted as M.C., continually encouraging and finding out different information regarding the ingredients and adding a lot of fun to the proceedings.

After the main cook was judged Muriel Johnston and Mabel Taylor were chosen from the audience to prepare and make a dish under instructions from the chefs.

The audience all had a sample of the dishes produced and some very favourable comments were forthcoming.