Railing request to help with restoration

David Dunsmuir with an original photogrpah of Clive House in Blairs Road, Letham.
David Dunsmuir with an original photogrpah of Clive House in Blairs Road, Letham.

The owners of a prominent house in Letham are hoping readers can come forward with a missing piece of a puzzle to complete their home.

David and Eleanor Dunsmuir fell in love with Clive House in Blairs Road last year and since moving in have restored the house to its former glory.

Now they have turned their attention to the outside of the house and are hoping residents will be able to produce photographic evidence of the original railings, which were a feature on the wall at the front of the property, and of the original gates.

The couple moved to Letham from Fife last year after David retired as manager of the Royal Highland Show.

He said: “Clive House was built around 1920 and the house had a large extension built at a later date.

“Other additions included a stone wall with two sets of gates and railings along the front.

“The gates and railing were almost certainly removed during the war and melted down to help the war effort and subsequent owners of the property have left the frontage in the 1940s style.”

The Dunsmuirs are now keen to replicate the original style of gates and fence but, to date, despite following a number of avenues, they have not been able to find a picture of Clive House with its gates and railings.

They have visited Angus Archives, met with members of the Letham Feuars committee and have spoken to a number of villagers - but to no avail.

They are now hoping readers may know of a photograph of the house with the railings.

David continued: “We would love to hear from anyone who has a photograph of the house. We would carefully copy it and return it to the owner. This would allow a local blacksmith to make new gates.” If you can help the Dunsmuirs find the final piece of the jigsaw for their restoration, please contact the Forfar Dispatch.