Pubs could lose their licences


A NUMBER of pubs in Angus may be forced to shut their doors for not stumping up fees to the local licensing board.

The licensees of 18 licensed premises in Angus are to be called to a formal hearing with Angus Licensing Board for non-payment of fees.

Vice-convener of the licensing board councillor John Whyte said the board had the power to suspend the licences of those who failed to pay the statutory fee.

“Despite requests for payment and reminders having been issued to the licensees, one or more of the annual fees for the 18 premises have not been paid,” said councillor Whyte.

“This leaves us with no choice but to review the licences for the premises as payment of the annual fee is a condition of the licence.

“The ultimate sanction open to the licensing board is the suspension of the licence if payment is not made. While this is not a course of action we would pursue lightly licence holders must comply with their statutory responsibilities and make the appropriate licence payment.”

Forty two premises were originally reported to the board for non-payment but only 18 have still to make payment.

Licensees who make payment ahead of the hearing will not be required to attend.