Public swim session to stop at two high schools

Monifieth High School
Monifieth High School

Public swimming sessions will no longer be offered at Carnoustie and Monifieth High School pools.

From May 1, general public swimming sessions at weekends and during school holidays will end but the school’s pools will, of course, continue to be available for use by swimming clubs, pupils and for ANGUSalive swimming lessons and Aquafit classes.

Until now, two hours and 45 minutes has been set aside for public swimming on a Saturday and Sunday at Carnoustie High School and four hours has been ring-fenced at Monifieth High School over the weekend.

On average, five people have taken advantage of the Saturday morning sessions at the high school pool at Carnoustie and another two on Sunday mornings.

At Monifieth High, an average of two members of the public swim on a Saturday afternoon and between three and four people use the pool on a Sunday.

The decision to remove the public swimming sessions was agreed by Angus Council in February and is contained within the Provisional Revenue Budget Report.

ANGUSalive’s Board of Directors approved the measure at their meeting in March.

Members of the public have been advised of the change when attending to swim at the schools and posters have been on display for some time.