Public make call for supermarket

WITH news of Guild Homes preparing another bid to bring a big name supermarket to Kirriemuir, local opinion as to whether such a development is needed is divided.

The Dispatch and Herald asked readers to tell us if they thought a new supermarket was needed in the town and if so where it should be located.

While some members of the public are certain that demand is high enough in the town for a supermarket, some said that they felt Tesco and the new Asda store in nearby Forfar are sufficient.

Those who replied also felt that the Gairie site is not adequate for such a development and the Pathhead site would be better suited.

Local man Andy Findlay claims that a supermarket is needed in the town and accused the Co-op of having too-high prices. He said: “That’s a definite yes. The Co-op is taking advantage of the fact that they are the only providers in Kirrie and their prices are ridiculous.

“It [the new supermarket] would have to be on the outskirts, either North or South of Kirriemuir as trying to make deliveries in the centre of town would be chaotic given the size of the lorries and Kirrie’s small streets.

“I had to laugh at the current proposals for the old Gairie works. To have lorries regularly going round the one way system would clog up the town.”

Christine Gibson added: “Kirrie definitely needs a supermarket and on the Pathhead site not the Gairie.

“That site is a recipe for disaster.

“The council should listen to the Kirrie Public.”

Meanwhile Ian Bishop claims that such a development is not needed at all, he said: “Kirriemuir does not need it.

“Combine the populations of Forfar, Kirriemuir and surrounding areas and Tesco and Asda in Forfar are adequate for all.”

Last week the Dispatch reported that Guild Homes are hoping the community will back their plans to bring a supermarket to the Pathhead area of town.

Meanwhile, no work has gone ahead at the Gairie Works site despite approval being granted eight months ago.