Public hopes for better festive lights

ON OUR Facebook page we recently asked you what you thought of Forfar’s Christmas lights in recent years, are they just right or could they be better? Here are a selection of your responses.

Fiona Reid got the debate off to an explosive start, she said: “If they are the same as last year then they are rubbish.

“Forfar must be the laughing stock of Angus when it comes to Christmas lights.”

Christine Gibson couldn’t help but agree, she added: “Totally embarrassing.

“It is well worth a visit to Alyth to see how a small town manages to put up a beautiful Christmas display. Take note Forfar.”

Rachael Volkers said: “Every year it looks as if the lights are thrown on the Christmas tree with no effort, its shameful. The lights around town are just embarrassing.”

Jean Gardner said: “I’ve seen the tree in Brechin and elsewhere and they are a lot better than ours, for being the county town, they are a disgrace and an embarrassment.”

Some, such as Thomas Whiteside, feels that the county town deserves better, he said: “They are a disgrace when you consider that Forfar is the county town for Angus.”

Mark Porter added: “A town like Forfar, on a winter’s evening, a carpet of snow on the ground, with a well lit tree and the right street lights would look fantastic, instead of the half hearted, neglected second hand rubbish that seems to have been put up with a sneeze year on year.”

Sharon Gray said: “If it’s as bad as last year then I shall not even bother taking my youngest down to the switch on of the Christmas lights.

“They are in desperate need of a new tree and lights. It is a total laughing stock and utter embarrassment!”

Sheila Simpson had the last word, she said: “I would rather have none or perhaps just a tree.”