Proposal sparks debate

WITH the news that Angus Council are set to debate the application to build a supermarket on land at Pathhead, Kirriemuir, we asked you what you thought of the provision of such stores in the town.

The response was mixed, with many local people saying they would like more of a choice of supermarket in Kirriemuir while others were concerned that a big supermarket would detract business from the smaller shops in the town centre.

Sara Wilson said: “People need a supermarket in Kirrie because those that cannot travel have to rely on the Co-op, which can be expensive. Maybe if the Co-op had some competition they would bring their prices down.”

Laura Kilcoyne added: “I think Kirriemuir definitely needs a supermarket.

“I am fed up having to travel to Forfar to do my weekly shop. If you have a family to feed you certainly can’t do a weekly shop in the Co-op as they don’t stock enough choice and are also far more expensive than Tesco.”

Amy McGregor said: “We definitely need something that’s not the Co-op. I would love a Morrison’s or Tesco and it would save the hassle of trekking to Forfar.”

Lynne Nicoll and Karen Smith also showed their support for bringing another supermarket into the town.

On the other hand some felt that the town was managing fine without a supermarket. Arlene Walker said: “I do not think Kirrie needs a new supermarket no matter how many cleverly worded surveys they do, I would still be against it.”

Eddie Anderson said: “I really don’t want a supermarket in Kirrie. Small businesses are struggling already in Kirrie and a supermarket will turn our town centre into a ghost town. It’s time to start supporting local shops and to tighten our belts for the sake of our environment. Keep Kirrie quaint!”