Probus hears military history

Ian Stewart, Ceitidh Smith, Ian Whitton.
Ian Stewart, Ceitidh Smith, Ian Whitton.

Incoming President Ian Stewart was warmly welcomed by 50 members at Forfar Probus Club as he chaired his first meeting and introduced Ceitidh Smith who gave a talk entitled ‘Soldiers and the Land’.

Ceitidh is the Gaelic and Scottish Studies teacher at Forfar Academy. She graduated in 2008 with an MA in Scottish and Celtic from the School of Scottish Studies at Edinburgh University.

In her spare time Ceitidh is a prize-winning Gaelic singer and performs all over Scotland. Her main interest is history, military history in particular.

Ceitidh gave the members an overview of the time of the Crimean War and the political views which held sway around that time and how the Highlanders, ‘The Soldiers of the Land’, were recruited into the British Army and gained a fearsome reputation for their fighting abilities.

She also touched upon the effects of the Highland Clearances brought about by the introduction of intensive sheep farming.

Throughout her talk, Ceitidh sang Gaelic songs relating to the various subjects and you could literally hear a pin drop as she entranced this appreciative audience with her blend of history and song.

Ian Whitton gave the vote of thanks.