Presentation on the Holocaust


Two Forfar Academy pupils are to hold a presentation on the horrors of the Holocaust.

Karlene Douglas and Abbie Carnegie visited the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz last September.

They now plan to give a presentation on their experience. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, February 22 at 7 pm in the assembly room, Forfar Academy.

Karlene said: “It’s such a rare opportunity to visit Auschwitz and experience the horrors and realization of what the Holocaust actually was.

“The stories and pictures you see about Auschwitz and the other concentration camps seem obsolete when there in the moment, experiencing first hand the horrifying ordeals the Jews and other minority groups went through.

“We wanted to open up our discoveries from the trip to the local community as we believe it’s an essential topic not everyone knows enough about.

“And to move forward in time, we must remember the past.”

The presentation builds on a similar event held by former pupils at the school who talked about what the trip entailed and what it meant to them.

Abbie and Karlene plan to focus on what messages can be taken from the Holocaust and relate directly to today’s society.

The girls have also invited a Holocaust survivor to relate her first-hand experiences of life in the Nazi camps.

The free event is open to everyone to attend. There will also be an opportunity to make a donation towards the Holocaust Educational Trust, a worthy cause to continue educating people about the Holocaust.