Preparing for the final advance to TARGE

At THE most recent meeting of Kirriemuir Wargames Club members were engaged in large scale group games rather than a dozen straight paired ‘fights’.

In a last hurrah for Ian Fergus, who is heading off to the USA to get married and live for a few years, a group of friends took part in a huge Warhammer 40K game. With beautifully painted 10,000 point armies, the alien Tyranids and Necron took on a combined Imperial Guard and Space Marines force consisting of Salamanders, White Scars and Space Wolves chapters. The ebb and flow of the game over the cleansed planet ruined terrain looked great and Ian seemed well pleased with the game and the outcome.

Another multi player 40K game had Space Orks struggling with Grey Angels and Blood Angels, two more Space Marine chapters.

Umpiring his own rule set, ‘The War Game’, Charles Grant assisted by Jimmy McGinley ran a spectacular Seven Years War game between the then dominant Prussians and the defending army of Loraine.

As overall Prussian commander and representing Frederick the Great, Roger Donaldson and his team of players made exactly the same tactical errors as Frederick allowing the Loraine team of Richard Morrill, Dale Smith and Steve Shaw to claim victory after holding the Prussians and then forcing them to withdraw from the battle.

Over a brief break for lunch, TARGE conveners Steve Rimmer, Steve Shaw and Grahame Paterson and organizer Dale Smith updated members about progress with the arrangements for TARGE 2012, the club exhibition to be held in Websters High School on Saturday, November 10. Additional donations for the painting and modelling competitions were to hand breaking all previous records by a significant amount.

With 21 clubs taking part in the exhibition there should be something for everyone. Historical naval and land battles, science fiction and fantasy are all represented. From across the pond both the American War of Independence and the American Civil War will be demonstrated as well as a Wild West table and contemporary and near future Urban War in a post apocalyptic setting.

Other featured games include the Battle of Otterburn, the Russian Civil War, Vietnam, World War Two Pacific theatre, Las Navas de Tolosa, Pirates, pre Dreadnought naval and many others.

Exhibitions such as TARGE obviously attract wargamers and military modellers but members of the public also enjoy the enthusiasm they are met with at these events.

The doors open at 10 a.m. and the prizes for the competitions will be presented by councilor Ian Gaul from 3.15 p.m. All welcome.

For more information about TARGE or Kirriemuir Wargames Club telephone 01575 574128 any evening or try the website