Preparing for extreme weather

Scottish Water is implementing a range of measures to prepare its service for any extreme weather conditions.

The utility has been working since the start of the year to equip the business with the resources, trained staff volunteers, contingencies and processes to ensure the business is well equipped to tackle any repeat of the prolonged cold spell which affected Scotland last winter.

They have also launched its Winter Campaign to encourage communities throughout Scotland to follow its winter code – a set of simple steps to protect your pipes, be prepared and heat, insulate and protect homes and businesses.

Peter Farrer, Customer Service Delivery Director of Scottish Water, said: “We have been working since the end of last winter to look at what we need to do, as a business, learning from that experience, to prepare for whatever this winter brings.

“We are also asking our customers to play their part in protecting their homes by taking some simple steps. We all need to be ready for winter.”

At the start of the Scottish Government Resilience Week, Scottish Water is outlining the measures it has adopted to prepare for winter including: Reviewing the water mains network in a number of areas that experienced severe, prolonged frosts last winter and carrying out work to improve the resilience of these networks; Equipping the repair response teams to travel and work in extreme road conditions. Around 560 vehicles used by front line staff now have winter tyres and a number are being equipped with snow socks. Another 90 vehicles used to carry samples for water quality tests will be fitted with winter tyres; Introducing new technology in our customer contact centre, available 24 hours a day, to help them cope with any major rise in contacts from customers and appeals for help and information and providing customers with access to winter information and advice on and the social media channels - and

Advice on how to heat, insulate and protect your property is available on Scottish Water’s website or 0845 601 8855.