Praise for housing association

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The director of Angus Housing Association (AHA) has said he is “delighted” with the organisation’s achievements, following positive findings by the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR).

A Landlord Report on the Arbroath-based association, which has a stock of more than 1,000 rented homes in Angus, has been compiled for the first time and was published recently

Mr. Forbes said: “While we have bettered or gotten close to the Scottish average in all of the key SHR indicators, I remain unconvinced as to the relevance of many of the indicators in informing either ourselves or our tenants as to the areas where we need to improve. We will be publishing the full results for all our tenants in October but we will be adding some more figures that we have discussed with our own tenants and which both we and the tenants feel are more relevant.

“In the key area of Value for Money, where performance and comparisons can be accurately reported and clearly understood, Angus Housing Association has performed outstandingly well. Compared to a Scottish average of 99 per cent, we collected 101.3 per cent of our annual rent charge in 2013/14. This allowed us to reduce our current rent arrears outstanding at the end of the Financial Year to below our two per cent target and to recover some money due from ex-tenants. This was particularly impressive when it is remembered that 2013/14 was also the year of the “bedroom tax” and aggressive benefit sanctions by DWP.

We also kept the rent lost due to houses being empty to 0.4 per cent of our annual rental income compared to the national average of 1.2 per cent and on average, it only took us 16.2days to re-let homes vacated during the year compared to the Scottish average of 35.7 days.”