Tourist sites moved on council signs

PROPOSED tourist information signs to be sited in the Myre and the East Greens Car Park would, if given the go ahead, be sending tourists in completely the wrong direction.

Among the bloomers made on the Angus Council signs are the re-location of the Lochside Leisure Centre to the Tesco store, Restenneth Priory to The Myre and the Reid Hall to Forfar Loch.

Balgavies Loch has been pinpointed on the Glamis Road and The Meffan on the Old Brechin Road.

The inaccuracies were raised at last Thursday’s meeting of Forfar Community Council when members and Angus Councillor Glennis Middleton were, quite literally, rendered speechless.

“This is a disgrace - there is nothing else to say”, commented Councillor Middleton.

Chairman Mrs Isobel Ross referred to print outs of the signs stating neither she, nor Forfar Historical Society, were pleased with the end result.

She referred to a photograph of the Balmashanner War Memorial which still had a ply wood door and a pile of rubble lying at the side.

She said: “This has been on-going since January. The photograph for the Lochside Leisure Centre looks as if it has fallen down, and the one for the loch is abysmal.”

Referring to the locations of the tourist sites on the map, she pointed out that whilst Forfar Loch was in the correct place, the location for what should be the leisure centre was showing the Reid Hall

“The Reid Hall has been moved to the shore of the loch! Restenneth Priory is now at the corner of the Myre, although Balmashanner is just about right! Balgavies Loch is now on the Glamis Road, and the Meffan is out at Restenneth Priory. I feel this has been cobbled together. There is plenty of material to access. I am really furious. This is abominable.”

Mrs Ross also referred to two mentions of the Battle of Dunnichen site on the board and felt the historical details could have been better.

“There could have been a mention of Castle Hill, the stone for the witches at the loch and there is only a small part on the history of Forfar’s weaving industry. The only mention for Glamis is the castle, but what about the Angus Folk Museum? I do think we should go back to the drawing board. We are six months down the line but are nowhere nearer than the start.”

Angus Councillor Glennis Middleton commented: “This is disgraceful; completely unacceptable. I will e-mail the council tonight. This is a disaster and I don’t think any more needs to be said.”

Forfar and District Historical Society confirmed they had been approached by the Economic Development Department of Angus Council in January with the view to providing some input for the new signs.

They were asked to provide information on various locations, from Restenneth Priory and the Angus Archives to Forfar Castle and the Osnaburg Pend. This they did, although a number of sites have not been used on the proposed signs. They pointed out a number of errors in the siting of the places of interest on the map and are awaiting the final version.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “The print-outs of the new signs went before community council for discussion, but unfortunately the wrong version of the sign was issued. The errors mentioned have been rectified and will not appear on the signs. In consideration of the comments made by the Community Council we are now looking at improvements to some of the images which are to appear on the sign boards.

“There has been a consultation process regarding which local features will appear on the boards which has generated debate and discussion, but we are now reaching the final steps of this project and hope the boards will soon be produced and put into place.”