Recycling centre complaint

STAFF at the recycling centre in Queenswell Road have come in for some criticism by a local woman left disappointed by the level of service she experienced on a recent visit.

Janet McFarlane contacted our office to complain after she was left struggling with a mattress.

She said she is always “singing the praises” of the people who work in the depot for their help, so when she arrived with a mattress she assumed they would help.

She was shocked when told ”not a chance!” and that she should have brought someone with her.

She said: “I was so angry at his lack of understanding that I started to drag the mattress up the ramp myself. Thank goodness there was a lovely lady to help me lift it over the sides of the skip. This helped to reassure me that there are still good helpful people in the world.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “To ensure the health and safety of staff at recycling centres, we do not expect them to provide physical assistance to members of the public with bulky or heavy items. As a matter of politeness and good customer care, if asked for assistance by a less able person, our staff will assist with manageable items that are easily lifted by an able-bodied person. We would, however, make clear that it is the responsibility of the user of the recycling centre to ensure that they, or someone else with them, are physically able to deal with any bulky or heavy items.

“However, staff at recycling centres are expected to be courteous and polite at all times when dealing with the public, and we will investigate this specific allegation which has been brought to our attention.”