Pitch stirs up council debate

Councillors have been engaging in heated debate following the announcement that Forfar Athletic will receive £20,000 out of the Forfar Common Good Fund.

After SNP councillor Glennis Middleton insisted on an amendment to the agreement, the club will only get the money if a percentage of the profits go to Forfar Community Sports Association.

She said: “I would like it in our recommendations that a percentage of the profits go to Forfar Sports Association to help them seek delivery of a multipurpose pitch at Forfar Academy.

“There are very mixed views of this money coming from Forfar Common Good, but if I can demonstrate that there will be further benefit to the people of Forfar by the money being used in this way then I will approve the report.

“If this amendment isn’t included, I can’t agree to this.”

Ron Ashton, director of neighbourhood services, has given assurances that this will be part of the negotiations with the club. He said that although the pitch would mostly be in use by Forfar Athletic and Forfar Farmington’s senior teams, it would also be available to hire for community groups.

Angus Alliance councillor Jim Millar said: “I can’t see what we are arguing about.

“What councillor Middleton is asking for is something that’s contained in the report.”

SNP councillor Alex King supported councillor Middleton regarding the importance of an amendment.

Provost Ruth Leslie Melville then put a stop to the debate and called for the vote.

Seven voted for the report to be approved as it stood, 18 voted for the ammendment and three did not cast a vote.