MSP disappointed by mobile branch decision

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Angus South MSP Graeme Dey has expressed disappointment at the refusal of the Clydesdale Bank to provide mobile services to Kirriemuir.

The MSP had asked Clydesdale to consider this option following the decision to close their branch in Forfar leaving locals to have to travel to Dundee to access the full range of banking services.

But in their response to him, Clydesdale claimed: “We have given the issue of introducing mobile branches considerable thought and it has been considered at the highest levels of the Bank. However, we currently believe that introducing a new mobile service would not be cost effective and would add little to the options available to customers. The great majority of transactions undertaken in a mobile branch match those available at the Post Office. When added to some of the limitations which mobile branches present with regards to offering a suitable level of service to customers we do not believe that this is a viable option.”

Mr Dey commented: “Although in no way surprised by this decision I am disappointed by it. I had made the point to Clydesdale that the introduction of mobile banking, which could have been deployed in other parts of Angus and Aberdeenshire that are losing their branches, would actually have enhanced access to services for customers living in the Kirriemuir and surrounding area

“But instead they will be directing those customers to use the Post Office in Kirriemuir, which is already providing banking services for other banks, and will I believe be able to offer just 75-80 per cent of the services which were available in Forfar.”

The MSP is due to meet officials of the TSB next Thursday(March 9) following the recent announcement that they intend to close their Kirriemuir branch.