MP calls for assurances over EU citizens

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Angus MP Mike Weir has highlighted the valuable contribution of EU citizens to the Angus economy.

This follows his renewed the call for the UK Government to protect the rights of EU Citizens in Angus.

Mr Weir has signed a Unison pledge board calling on EU citizens in the UK to be given the right to remain in the UK.

And, with European migrant workers involved in a range of industries in Angus – including farming, fruit picking and factories – Mr Weir believes they should be given assurances that they are welcome to stay.

He Weir said: “Many citizens from EU countries have made their home in Angus and make a valuable contribution to our local economy.

“Fruit production, in particular, relies on their work. This also supports the employment of many other local people in transport, administration and other areas of business.

“Those who have made their homes here should be given a clear assurance that they will be allowed to remain.”