Councillor’s welcome for affordable housing funding boost

Alan Barrie wanted to build affordable homes like this development elsewhere
Alan Barrie wanted to build affordable homes like this development elsewhere

Affordable housing in Angus has been given a boost with a £712,000 injection of cash from the Scottish Government.

The amount of grant which can be claimed by councils and housing associations has been increased, and associations can now claim between £58,000 and £72,000 per unit.

While councils can apply for between £46,000 and £50,000 per unit, cases can be made for extra help to deal with either challenging sites or include additional innovations.

The authority will receive its allocation up to 2015, which will be used to develop additional affordable housing across the county and catering for a range of housing needs.

Councillor Donald Morrison, the council’s housing spokesman, welcomed the Government announcement which, he said, could also have a positive spin-off for the local construction industry.

Mr Morrison also said the authority’s financial plans will be amended to take account of the funding allocation in future projects.

He said: “This is fantastic news. The Scottish Government has listened to the housing movement and responded positively with both higher grant rates and more money.

“This will hopefully encourage greater numbers of affordable homes to be built and also provide a welcome boost to our construction industry”.

“We will be getting in touch with all our housing association partners and asking them what difference this will make to their building plans as well as updating our building and financial plans to make the most of this announcement.”

“Only last week we launched our latest housing development of 26 family and adapted homes at Wirren Gardens in Montrose. By making the most of the opportunities for meeting housing needs of existing tenants and careful use of our allocations system we will secure between 80 and 100 housing outcomes making the money go as far as possible.”