Council take on new service

Angus Council have joined the growing ranks of local authorities that have placed greater emphasis on electronic proof for the provision of domiciliary care that is now typically contracted out to independent homecare providers.

In common with other local authorities, Angus Council contracts out homecare, also called social or domiciliary care, services to independent service providers.

eziTracker will be used to monitor the work of 400 in-house carers and 12 external providers. The service will provide real time information on homecare visits, facilitate payroll of carers and alert homecare providers if care is not delivered within agreed parameters.

By monitoring care provision Angus Council expects to improve the quality of care provided to homecare customers and achieve cost savings through operational efficiencies.

Around 40 UK local authorities have now adopted eziTracker. This specialist service uses the telephone network and data capture technology to provide real time information on the whereabouts of social care workers, enabling management to fully and effectively monitor the remote staff employed by independent homecare providers.

For more information about eziTracker contact Panztel on 0845 453 4156 or visit