Become an ‘Earth Hour star’ to support WWF campaign

MSP Graeme Dey.
MSP Graeme Dey.

Local MSP Graeme Dey is doing his bit to support WWF’s forthcoming Earth Hour by becoming an Earth Hour star.

At 8.30 p.m. this Saturday (March 29) strikes, millions of people across the world will switch off their lights for an hour in a graphic demonstration of support for people and wildlife threatened by climate change.

By becoming an Earth Hour star, the SNP MSP and others are offering their support by committing to take more action beyond the hour to tackle climate change. One of the things that politicians can do is commit to introducing new measures to reduce emissions in Scotland, including those from homes, the country’s transport system and from energy production.

Mr Dey is urging constituents, local businesses and organisations to join in and become Earth Hour stars.

He said: “I actively support Earth Hour to highlight the hugely important issue of climate change and its impact on our planet.”

Last year more than 10 million people in the UK and 157 countries took part in the world’s largest participation event.

Some of the world’s most recognisable landmarks including Edinburgh Castle, the Forth Bridge, Big Ben, The Sydney Opera House and the Eiffel Tower switched off for Earth Hour.

Lang Banks, WWF Scotland director, said: “In this momentous year for Scotland, we are glad that so many politicians are keen to be Earth Hour stars, and support more action to protect our planet from climate change and other environmental threats.

“We encourage everyone to be part of the world’s biggest celebration of our brilliant planet, to show their support for planet friendly decisions by our leaders.”

Further information about supporting WWF’s Earth Hour, is available online at