Politicians pay a visit to Strathmore Water as company gains strength

Nigel Don and Mike Weir at Strathmore Water.
Nigel Don and Mike Weir at Strathmore Water.

Nigel Don, North Angus and Mearns MSP, and Mike Weir, Angus MP, visited Strathmore Water to catch up on the latest goings on.

Manager Bob Watson was keen to show Mr Don and Mr Weir around the factory and tell them about developments within the company.

Strathmore Water is now part of A. G. Barr and there has been considerable investment in the operation in recent months.

A. G. Barr itself has just pulled out of a proposed merger with Britvic and both politicians were keen for an insight into the future plans of the company.

Commenting on the visit Mr Don said: “This company is clearly thriving and will continue to be a success story and a significant local employer.

“The company is rooted in Forfar by the presence of the spring which supplies the company’s successful brand of bottled water.

“A. G. Barr has invested heavily to upgrade and streamline the production process, which is both reassuring and welcome.”

Mr Weir added: “There are a number of issues around the soft drinks industry generally and it was good to catch up with the current thinking within the company.

“The recent excellent weather has been a boost to the company with an increased demand for their products, which is good news for everyone and has seen production at full capacity.

“The new machinery installed in the factory is very impressive indeed and shows how new technology has impacted upon the business.

“Strathmore Water is an important part of the company .

“A. G. Barr will be looking at their own expansion plans now that the merger with Britvic is not proceeding and I am sure the Strathmore Water brand will go from strength to strength.”