Police issue high wind warning

As high winds whip across the region, Tayside Police is appealing to drivers to reduce their speed and be aware of the conditions and the gusting winds at all times.

The Force is also urging members of the public to be on their guard and take straightforward precautions to secure any items that could be blown away in the gusty weather.

There have been several reports of a number of trees and branches being blown over in the winds today, notably in Perthshire, with many falling across carriageways. In many incidents the debris is being quickly cleared from the carriageways by the roads agencies and local authorities.

At present the Tay Road Bridge between Dundee and Fife is closed to high-sided vehicles.

A Tayside Police spokesman said: “In addition to warning drivers to be alert on the roads, we would ask businesses and householders to ensure that items such as wheelie bins, ladders, bikes, garden furniture and even trampolines are secured and won’t blow into harm’s way.”

It is anticipated that the gusting winds will remain strong for much of the afternoon before calming into the evening.