Plans to light up our towns

PLANNING for Christmas lighting in Angus is well under way.

The matter was discussed at a meeting of the infrastructure services committee when local authority members looked at the best ways to make our towns look festive.

During consultations which took place in the summer of 2010 individual communities sought to contribute financially to their own displays.

There is also the possibility that individual common good funds might be able to contribute.

Eric Lowson, director of infrastructure services, said: “In Forfar the community are satisfied with the extents of the lighting display but feel that a number of the features are dated and would therefore like to improve some of the features.

“The local elected members have offered the community a contribution of up to £10,000 from the Common Good Fund to facilitate this improvement.

“A list of all features was provided highlighting the faulty items and it was agreed to replace seven cross street features, twelve column features, tree lights and four sets of curtain lights.”

He added: “In Kirriemuir, the community are satisfied with the extents of the display but feel that if possible they would like to increase and improve what they already have.

“It has been indicated that some funds may be available to contribute to this year’s display.

“It is hoped that extra funding, along with extra funding available from the Other Services budget that an improved display will be provided in 2012.”

Elsewhere in Angus, decisions have not yet been made on display’s in Monifieth and Montrose.

Carnoustie Community Council have indicated that they are unlikely to be able to provide any extra funding for lighting.

And in Arbroath no feature replacements are necessary after major regeneration work in 2011.

Brechin community wish to maintain the lighting that they already have and the community council will provide the £5,025 needed to fix faulty features that were identified last year.

The chief executive, director of corporate services, heads of neighbourhood services, finance and law and administration have all been consulted.