Plans for youth music forum

A call has gone out to those involved in providing music opportunities for the youth of Angus to come together to set up an Angus wide Youth Music Forum.

Individuals and organisations involved in the formal and informal provision of music to the 0-25 age group in Angus are invited to a preliminary meeting to assess the desire and feasibility of setting up a forum on Monday, February 6 in Angus House at Orchardbank Business Park in Forfar.

This could be providers of youth music activities, agencies working with young people and young people themselves. The forum will allow these groups to play an active role in the development of the youth music sector within Angus and will work in partnership with Creative Scotland’s Youth Music Initiative, which is responsible for £10 million of music related funding in Scotland every year.

The YMI has three main objectives, which are: 1, provision of high quality music making programmes particularly for young people that would not normally access music activities; 2, developing a cohesive national infrastructure for the youth music sector; 3, supporting and developing the workforce.

Forums serve the purpose of encouraging and promoting local joined up thinking in terms of music provision, pooling resources, consolidating provision and identifying ‘localised’ gaps. They will have a local impact but with a national resonance and will contribute to the development of a cohesive national infrastructure for the youth music sector.

The YMI will be able to use the forums to test the ‘musical pulse’ of the youth music sector that in turn may inform the strategic development of new programmes and how Creative Scotland distributes resources in the future.

The forum will also provide a strong consolidated base for future funding applications.

If you or your organisation are interested in attending, or wish to find out more about the forum, then please email Graham Galloway at