Plans for new filling station

THE ASDA superstore in Forfar wants to build a filling station located in its car park.

Asda have claimed that it will not adopt an aggressive pricing strategy to compete with existing petrol stations in the town and the Transport Statement document states that the extra customers it expects to attract would not have a harmful effect on traffic flow.

The store is proposing to remove a total of 21 parking spaces, which are situated near both the New Road and St James Road junction, in order to make way for the filling station.

The proposed two-pump filling station is to have a credit or debit card only ‘pay at pump’ system which means there will be no manned kiosk and no cash payments.

There will be a total of four filling positions, two either side, and in order to comply with health and safety regulations there will be a forecourt greeter on the site for a total of 60 hours per week to assist customers.

Any other time when someone may need assistance, customers would have to alert staff via an intercom system and there would be an emergency shutdown switch so customers could stop the pumps in the event of a fuel spillage or fire as well as a smash-to-open cabinet containing a bucket of sand and a fire extinguisher.

The petrol station would be monitored constantly by close circuit television (CCTV) and digital pictures would be taken of both customers and vehicle registrations.

The proposal would result in a minor re-configuration of the site layout, which has 333 spaces, leaving a revised total capacity of 312 spaces at Asda.