Plans for more seating at Webster’s

ANGUS Council has responded to concerns over lack of seating and waiting areas within Webster’s Leisure Centre in Kirriemuir.

The matter was raised at Kirriemuir Community Council last week when members said that they felt there was no longer enough space for parents who are waiting for their children to finish swimming lessons.

It was highlighted that the lack of seating facilities was becoming problematic.

One of the community council members felt that the waiting area is extremely small and added that some parents are forced to wait outside.

She continued to say that the Leisure Centre capacity has not increased over the years to accommodate increased volume.

However, community council members praised the quality of lessons and classes offered at the Leisure Centre and understood why it is as busy as it is.

A spokeswoman for Angus Council said: “We are using a cordoned-off area of the swimming pool’s viewing lounge to store bicycles for the cycling classes which began earlier this year.

“This has reduced the viewing area’s capacity a little, and we understand that parents like to sit and watch their children receiving swimming lessons.

“We plan to bring up more chairs to the viewing lounge to accommodate spectators.

“We are always happy to hear from centre users as to their concerns and would ask them to contact a member of staff with their queries.”

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