Plans for kids’ play at park

A highly successful information evening was held recently to find out what improvements local children and their parents want for Davidson Park in Kirriemuir.

The residents have pledged their support for a community-led project to spruce up the park, and are now working with the Angus Community Planning Partnership to move the project forward.

Graeme Hodge, Local Community Learning & Development Officer with Angus Council, explained the meeting with adults and the children was designed to find out what play equipment the young people of the area want for the park.

The children were shown a variety of play park equipment and were able to say what items they would like,.

Graeme added: “We picked up a variety of ideas and also discussed fund-raising events which the group could hold to boost their funds.

“We needed to get an idea of what the young people wanted to price it and look for funding.”

The Davidson Park Action Group was formed after a resident approached the partnership to express concerns about the state of the play park.