Plans are in place for adverse weather

Stagecoach are preparing for the winter months by planning possible route amendments if snow hits the area.

Stagecoach management have taken lessons from last year’s tough operations during the worst of the weather conditions, when many routes were unable to operate fully due to road conditions.

Sarah Longair, operations director, Stagecoach East Scotland, said: “During the prolonged period of adverse weather last year we struggled to keep our services running to timetables or in some cases even to the full routes. I am grateful to our dedicated staff who did all they could to keep our buses on the road and provide as comprehensive a level of service as possible, given the conditions.

“We’ve worked in partnership with local councils since they published their intended gritting and clearing routes across the area for this winter, and using our experiences last year we’ve created a back up plan of routes we will take for each service.”

The company plans to publish these routes on their website if and when it becomes likely they will be needed. Customers will be able to see at a glance the route their bus will be taking if required.

Ms Longair added: “Of course we hope not to need this plan but we want to make sure our staff and customers know exactly what to expect if we see similar levels of snow and ice as last year.

“We want to continue to offer regular and reliable bus routes across Tayside and our passengers can be assured that we will use the resources available to us to do all we can to keep our services running and keep the public informed.”