Pitreuchie necklace traced

THE mystery of the missing Pitreuchie necklace has been solved!

Readers may recall a letter sent to us last month from R. H. Dewar who described the jet necklace which was shown to him by Mrs Robert Graham of Pitreuchie Farm.

He asked if any readers remembered this local “treasure” as he did not recall seeing it amongst the Forfar “fairlies” in the Meffan Museum. Mr Dewar contacted our office last week to explain his plea for information had not only unearthed news of the original Pitreuchie necklace - but a second one.

He said; “I found out recently from various sources where the necklace finally is. There appears to have been two necklaces found in a cist on Pitreuchie Farm, the larger of which is now in the Dundee Galleries, the smaller one, broken, is in the Scottish Antiquities Museum in Queen Street, Edinburgh.”

Mr Dewar first viewed the necklace in 1938/39 when he was 17 years old. He remembered it looked like polished coal and it was long enough to go round a lady’s neck twice.