Photographs of memorial plaque

The balmashanner war memorial.
The balmashanner war memorial.

SPECIAL photographs of the commemorative plaque which adorns the Balmashanner War Memorial are to be produced to meet the needs of those seeking information of their relatives who died in the great war.

Details of the project, which was assisted by Charlie Brown of the Royal British Legion Forfar, were given to members of Forfar Community Council by Angus Councillor Glennis Middleton.

She said that, in the past, visitors to the town had been “most disappointed” when they visited Forfar as Balmashanner is closed.

After discussing the issue with Charlie Brown and staff at Angus Council, councillor Middleton suggested photographs of the First World War plaque, which has been removed whilst renovation work of the war memorial takes place, could be taken

She said: “There are reasons for the war memorial being closed, it’s a manning issue. However, this is a positive outcome as, after the plaque has been cleaned up, photographs will be taken of the plaque.”

They will be available at the Town and County Hall, at the chief executive’s office at The Cross and at Forfar Library.

Councillor Middleton added: “These will be available for those trying to trace the names of a loved one or ancestor; they will be freely available to them. I am absolutely delighted.”

In welcoming the initiative, chairman Mrs Isobel Ross took the opportunity to call out, once again, for a heritage centre in the town.

She said: “I think this project is excellent. It’s just a great pity that, as I have said before, all the rest of the stuff is out at Restenneth.

“I am on my high horse again, and I make no apology, we need a heritage centre in Forfar.”