Penny plea in time for remembrance

The Rev. Barbara Ann Sweetin with the coins collected to date.
The Rev. Barbara Ann Sweetin with the coins collected to date.

The minister of the East and Old Parish Church has made an appeal to the people of Forfar to check their loose change.

In particular, the Rev. Barbara Ann Sweetin is trying to find one pence coins minted in 2014 for a project she is working on in time for Remembrance Sunday.

She contacted the Dispatch and Herald in the hope readers will look through their coins and hand in those stamped 2014.

She said: “I would like to make a plea to the people of Forfar.

“I am looking for 500 one pence coins which were minted this year, i.e. with a 2014 date on them.

“I have approached the bank but they tell me all their money comes in bags from a central funding source. I tried the Royal Mint but they only sell commemorative coins and cannot help me.

“I have put the word out in the church but in two weeks I only have 12 coins so far.

“I am of course willing to pay each person back the amount they give me.

“The coins are for something that I am doing on Remembrance Sunday this year as part of the 100 years commemoration and also for people passing by the church that week.”

Barbara Ann hopes readers will be able to check through their change and if they find any then please contact her at the church or at the manse, telephone Forfar 248228.

The church office is open on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. The coins should be handed in no later than mid October.